Project management

Fees are only paid by our clients, not by suppliers or contractors in the form of commisions.
We strongly believe in impartiality and transparency.
Our mandate is to assure the best for our clients. We are a guarantee for value for money.

We believe in a direct line of contact between us and the client we therefore only take on a handfull of projects at a time.
We supply the tools that you would no doubt have at your fingertips in your own country.

1 Project appraisals

Are made with up to date real data. we have ready access to cost data form recent projects, both Dinamica managed and through our network of architects, surveyors and contractors.

2 Team assembly

We recommend the best people for each specific job, considering technical complexities, personal taste and other factors.

3 Project development

We manage projects through the design stage, actively advising on all aspects of design.

4 Consent

Often a long procedure, we will ensure that the design and project are compliant and that any potential issue is properly presented. Preliminary consultation with planners is an important part of a trouble-free route to approval.

5 Tendering

We will always request at least three tenders and in consultation with our client we will finalise negotiations with the preferred contractor. We have well proven contracts which assure our clients peace of mind.

6 site execution

We spend considerable time onsite, managing site visits with architects, surveyors, engineers, landscaper, etc... We are our clients eyes and ears and ensure high standars thoughout all stages of the programme.

7 project reports

Regular reports are issued, normally weekly, detailing progress, issues to resolve and quality monitoring.

8 Payment and cost control

We check all invoices and issue monthly payment schedules, assuring that the project is in line with the contracted programme.
No payments are approved unless all site documentation is in order and complient with regulations. Health and safety documentation and suppliers’ certificates of payment are collected each month.

9 hand over

We supervise that all the legal documents are prepared in advance and ensure that the relevant town hall receives the full package to ensure a quick certification of completion.

10 finally

Ongoing snagging and supervision of the statutory guarantee periods.